Objectives & Activities

Objectives & Activities

This is European Year for Development (EYD) - the fist year that EU has dedicated for it’s foreign affairs and Latvia has a great role in the process as we were holding our Presidency of the European Council first half of this year. Inspired by this year Latvian development organization "Humana People to People in Latvia" (HPPL) is willing to share it's experience working on global education issues with local and international youth and youth worker community.

HPPL has developed the project “STORIES FOR CHANGES” that aims to promote the EYD, concept of glocalization and responsible global citizenship through the STORYTELLING approach inspiring and explaining how to live sustainable and responsible in everyday reality and why it is important.

In order to achieve our aim we included following activities in the project plan:
1) Training course for 27 youth workers from 12 countries (Latvia, Poland, Spain, Romania, Estonia, Portugal, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Belgium) in Latvia from 21st - 28th of August. The aim of the training course was to explain EYD, raise awareness on global education issues, concept of glocalization, responsible global citizenship and learn how to promote these ideas through the STORYTELLING in order “translate” global issues for local and personal realities.
2) Storytelling campaigns in each partners country in a period from September – December, 2015 to promote EYD, raise awareness on global issues and above all – help to link them with daily youth realities and activate for sustainable and responsible everyday life.
3) Follow up meeting in Latvia in January to evaluate project activities, specifically local campaigns, to develop further cooperation and very important to celebrate the success of the EYD together with LAPAS (Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation), EYD Youth Good Will Ambassadors and other Latvian NGOs who work in global education field. This will be important celebration event and participants of the project will have an opportunity to meet organizations who have been involved in Latvian Presidency activities, developing many EU level events.

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Project is financed by EU programme Erasmus+

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